20% of the sale price will be donated to West Virginia Land Trust

The West Virginia Land Trust protects land with significant conservation values through the use of conservation easements and real estate acquisitions. This includes the protection of forested lands with mature tree stands.

Dead trees known as snag trees are an important feature within mature forests. They are essential to the life cycle of saw-whet owls and many woodland species, providing shelter and food for numerous birds, mammals and insects.


An inspiring example of old-growth forest preservation is the Marie Hall Jones Ancient Forest Preserve in Doddridge County, WV. This 190-acre forest includes trees up to 300 years old. Under West Virginia Land Trust protection, the land will forever continue as a forest sanctuary for wildlife. Natural snag trees will stand tall in this ancient forest and in the near future low impact trails will be built to allow the study of the nature that abounds within.

Learn more about the success of the West Virginia Land Trust at wvlandtrust.org