Welcome to Stitzinger Stonecraft, your source for hand carved stone sculptures. Each piece I make is unique and can be tailored to you and your clientele. I experiment with lots of forms but my pieces fall within five primary categories:

Functional Stonework (Retail $60 to $300) – Soap dishes, trivets, salt wells, ikebana vases, finger labyrinths, coffee table bowls, indoor/outdoor water feature bowls and fountains.

Table Top and Garden Sculptures (Retail $100 to $500) – Stone or mixed media stone and ceramic abstract and figurative sculptures with nature themes made from material suitable for highlighting gardens, patios, stonewalls and decks.

Fine Art Sculptures (Retail $600 and up) – Abstract and figurative sculptures with nature themes built for indoor display due to the incorporation of delicate forms or the use of material sensitive to outdoor weather (e.g. alabaster).  Excellent décor for highlighting indoor stonework, wood work, ironwork, fireplaces, to occupy that special nook or for display in private galleries.

Installation Sculptures and Fountains – Custom, boulder-sized private and public pieces priced and built per specifications.

Eyes On Nature Collection– Attractive, one-of-a-kind sculptures sold with a portion of the sale donated to organizations or for organizations to auction at fundraisers. Pieces are designed in consultation with a representative of the organization in order to create a piece that reflects the organization’s mission, highlight awareness of a new initiative, or draws attention to an achievement they would like to celebrate, etc. I collect an agreed upon percentage or base price and the rest of the money raised goes to the business or charity. 

I am also available for sculpting demonstrations and instruction of stone sculpting classes.

My sculptures are made from: local rock (limestone, sandstone and siltstone, river, field, and quarry rock); stone that is hand selected at landscape shops, or purchased online (alabaster, granite, marble, soapstone, limestone, siltstone, sandstone, slate); and upcycled material (remnants of natural stone granite counter tops, roofing slate, foundation stone, or other stone construction remnants).


Thank you for considering Stitzinger Stonecraft sculptures for your personal or commercial gallery.


Kevin Stitzinger