My life as an artist is intertwined with my life as an outdoorsman.

I have traveled mountains, forests, meadows, streams and deserts. Each has its own special place in my heart and in my art.

I have worked with and experienced the positive impact of organizations that help individuals understand the importance of healthy habitats for healthy wildlife, and ultimately for healthy productive humans. There is no better cause.

 I want to continue to help support organizations doing great work for our common good and to create a pathway that helps others to do the same. It is time to get back in the game.

Four years ago, I stepped out of non-profit management to fully focus on the artistic side of my passion for nature. After twelve years of sculpting, I now see a way to use my time and talents to merge my desire to create art and my desire to support worthy non-profits in a way that increases the success of all involved, including you, the art collector. There is a path along which everyone gains.

My Eyes on Nature collection is designed to be that path.

  • Sculpture is meant to complement a space. A sculpture designed and perfected with the goal of fulfilling a space of human values is ever more appealing. Each item sold from this collection allows a donation of a specified amount to the organization indicated. The price of items in the collection are not increased to meet this objective, I am simply willing to retain less in order to provide more.

  • As an Eyes On Nature Collector you gain a one of a kind sculpture that can be cherished in your family for generations; a sculpture that proudly speaks of your values, and the knowledge that you have helped support the actions of a worthy organization. Your name, if you choose, will be included in a letter that accompanies the donation check from Stitzinger Stonecraft so that the non-profit will know that you have an interest in their success.

  • The non-profit gains increased exposure and funding to help drive their positive impacts.

  • Together, we create a better place to live by supporting healthy habitats and a world filled with thoughtful, engaged humans.

                             Invest in a better world with Eyes On Nature

Title: Alight on a Snag Tree

Title: Alight on a Snag Tree

Title: S.O.S          *SOLD*

Title: S.O.S *SOLD*